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Bucket lycra hat

Elenoire bucket hat by Maison Roèl is a classic fisherman hat made in 100% Italian Lycra of the finest quality. The original prints are handrawn by our stylists and made to coordinate with our bikini line of the 2021 Collection. This hat is entirely lined with the same fabric so it can be worn in different ways to suit your style: pulled down over your head and eyes or with the brim completely turned up.

Guida Taglie





Additional information

S- 56cm, M- 57cm, L- 58cm


Geometric design


Made in Italy. Handmade. Best quality Italian printed Lycra. 80% polyamide 20% elastane. Inner band in grosgrain.

Care Instructions

Always dry your hat naturally. Avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat. Rest your hat with crown and brim in the correct form. Please note that the color of your hat may be slightly different from the color on the website.